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Deerfield Beach Air Conditioning Service, Installation, & Repair

Deerfield Beach is located in northern Broward County and it is bordered by Boca Raton to the north and Pompano Beach to the south. Deerfield is the tenth most populous city in Broward with roughly 75,000 residents. You'd be hard pressed to find a deer anywhere in South Florida but there once was a time when many deer lived in the area and this is where the name Deerfield came from. Deerfield Beach was incorporated as a city about 90 years ago. The town was originally named Deerfield but in 1939 the name was changed to Deerfield Beach in an attempt to attract more tourists to the area. The beachfront at Deerfield Beach is award winning and has been labeled a "Blue Wave" beach which means clean water, excellent conditions, and no shortage of safety services.

Deerfield Beach AC Repair

  • Professional AC repair in Deerfield Beach.

Deerfield Beach AC Installation

  • AC unit installation and replacements in Deerfield Beach.