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Schedule Your AC Check-Up Before The Storm

Is Your Air Conditioner Prepared?

  • Storm Surge
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Flooding
  • High Winds
  • Tornadoes

In order to properly prepare your air conditioning unit for a hurricane it is important to do the following:

  • Turn off your air conditioning system at the circuit breaker and the thermostat to avoid a chance of power surges that may be a fire hazard or shock hazard due to flooding
  • Take advantage of hurricane straps to secure your outdoor air conditioning unit; if the unit move it can cause serious damage.
  • Clean the area around your air conditioning unit. Be sure to remove any loose objects that may pose a threat in high winds and cause damage.

After the storm has passed follow these tips in order to ensure you air conditioning unit is safe to operate:

  • Investigate the area, check to see if any noticeable damage has been done to the unit. If you do notice damage has been done, it is important to have it checked out by one of our HVAC professionals to ensure that it is safe to operate.
  • If any flooding occurred during the hurricane there is a risk of electrical shock when your air conditioning unit it turned on.
  • Asses for any movement of the unit; if your air conditioning unit has moved at all it may be unsafe to operate due to loose plumbing or wiring.

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Don't wait until a storm causes damage to your air conditioner unit. Schedule an AC check up by an All Year Cooling professional before the storm to prevent potential costly damages from a tropical storm or hurricane.

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