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At All Year Cooling, we love finding new and creative ways to give back to our customers. As such, we design contests that are both fun and rewarding. Whether we’re giving away Heat tickets or a free AC Unit, we want to make sure our customers know how much we appreciate them.

Go Green, Get Green Contest

Because Earth Day is April 22nd, we wanted to increase awareness about the benefits that an energy efficient AC unit can have not only on your wallet, but also on the environment. Updated guidelines for Energy Efficiency became mandatory in 2006, so units predating that year are not as efficient as new units. According to, newer AC unit models can use up to 50% less energy while still providing the same cooling power for your home.

During the month of April, we awarded one of our customers with a full refund on the price of their new unit installation. Our aim was to help encourage South Floridians to see their AC unit as more than just a necessary part of their home; we want everyone to see that you can be cool, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. In order to register for the contest, we asked customers to submit photos with their new AC units. Check out our happy customers!

Ancient AC Contest

Every day our Technicians go out to peoples’ homes to replace old, broken AC units. At times, we come across systems that are so ancient we just know the new unit we’re installing is going to make a huge difference in the homeowner’s quality of life and electric bill! Replacing a major appliance like an AC unit can put some strain on your budget if it malfunctions or breaks unexpectedly. A new, energy efficient AC unit will pay for itself over the course of a few years with the savings you’ll see each month on your energy bill. Our goal is to replace all of the Ancient AC units in South Florida. Homes will be more comfortable, wallets will be a little fuller, and our environment will be better off.

Because of all of these reason, we decided on the Ancient AC contest. During the month of March, we asked all South Florida residents to submit a photo of them with their Ancient AC unit and we replaced the oldest, rustiest unit we came across. We had such a great time looking through all of the photos we received. Ultimately, selecting the winner who received a brand new unit for free was the best part. Check the entries we received, including the photo of our winner!