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York® YCG Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on The Cooler Blog April 2, 2020

This air conditioning unit provides optimized efficiency, an environmentally safe system, and is a state-of-the-art quality unit. The efficiency and safeness of the system shows off the high-quality AC unit that provides a quiet running system, along with a small carbon footprint. The unit itself delivers high-quality performance and features that add on to the already well-performing system.

This LX Series air conditioning unit is perfect for any home, providing the essentials to make your air crisp and clean. It is also well-tested, having more than 250,000 hours of research done on the product, and withstanding extreme weather tests to ensure the product’s reliability and performance. There are many options to customize your LX Series unit, enhancing how easy it is for York® products to fit in every home. Along with it being budget-friendly, but delivering a big performance to meet comfort and budget standards.

Overall, the York® YCG Split System Air Conditioner is a staple system, providing durability, reliability, and enhanced performance. The durability is shown in the steel extruded louver coil guards that provide protection against coil damage, along with the reliable system and paint job that has long-lasting protection and reliability. The R-410A

refrigerant, an environmentally safe system, doesn’t harm the ozone and keeps your air conditioning system efficient and safe. These implied factors that optimize efficiency and extend durability, explaining how York® products can fit perfectly into every home.

To learn more about air conditioning, especially about how you can save money with an energy-efficient unit, call All Year Cooling today!


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