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York® YCE Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on The Cooler Blog April 2, 2020

The York® YCE AC unit models are optimized in design to be matched with furnaces, York indoor coils, and air handlers to provide a complete system throughout your home. There are many features included within this unit such as a small footprint, easy installation, a durable finish, quality coils, and reliable operation.

The many features within this unit all come with details. The small footprint allows for easier handling, installation, and transportation. The unit’s independent panels help provide easy access for unit setup, greatly reducing the time that it takes to install an air conditioning unit. All the features this unit has all take part in making the installation easy and quick, while also maintaining the unit’s durability.

Trusted quality is also embedded within this unit, as it has had many tests run on it, along with having top manufacturing with the expertise of Johnson Controls, a company that puts integrity first, is purpose-led, future-focused, and customer-driven. This company has also received multiple awards regarding their manufacturing expertise, such as the High Achiever Award in Enterprise Integration Technology Leadership Award. Johnson Controls helped to implement optimized efficiency and independent endorsements, keeping York® units fitting perfectly in your home while delivering boosted levels of efficiency.

To learn more about air conditioning, especially about how you can save money with an energy-efficient unit, call All Year Cooling today!


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