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The XL20i Air Conditioner From Trane

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 13, 2013

Not all air conditioners are created equal.  This goes double when it comes to the outdoor condensers that run the central air system in your home. These units control humidity and cooling with their compressors, fans, and other components. Managed cycles help limit temperature variability for superior home comfort.

What makes the XL20i different?

With a SEER rating of 20.00, it is among the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market today.  The XL20i achieves this impressive feat with a number of special features that are not found on most modern condensers. First, it has a variable speed unit that allows its fan to run at a much slower speed during start-up, which results in greater cooling control.  Second, the unit has two compressors: one for scorching summer days and one for milder weather. The former is much larger, which also means it uses more energy, while the latter is smaller and therefore less costly to use.

The combination of seemingly incongruous components is what allows the XL20i to achieve such impressive energy efficiency ratings.  It is also what helps homeowners save money on their cooling costs, whether the weather is oppressive or balmy.


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