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What You Should Know About Single- and Two-Stage Air Conditioning

Posted on News September 29, 2010

As the energy efficiency movement continues to grow, consumers will look for new ways to reduce their energy consumption and cut their monthly energy bills. Two-stage cooling is a popular choice among consumers looking to improve the energy efficiency of their air conditioning system, but single-stage air conditioners can be very efficient as well.

Of course, two-stage systems are generally more efficient than single-stage systems, and two-stage options may reduce energy bills significantly, but many single-stage systems offer exceptional energy efficiency that may save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy savings as well.

Two-stage air conditioning features two stages of cooling: a lower capacity and full capacity. The lower capacity works during non-peak temperature hours to maintain comfort while saving energy. During extreme temperatures and when the gap between actual temperature and desired temperature is significant, the system will run at full capacity.

Depending on usage, the direction that your home faces, size and amount of windows, size of your home, amount of shade around the home and other factors, some homeowners may be encouraged to opt for the two-stage system. In other cases, homeowners may be better off or just as well choosing the single-stage option.

All Year Cooling’s air conditioning experts will evaluate your home to help you determine whether a two-stage or single-stage unit would be of greater benefit for you and your family.  


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