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How Do I Know What is Causing My AC To Blow Hot Air?

Posted on The Cooler Blog February 4, 2012

Is your home air conditioner blowing hot air?  There are several reasons this could be happening.

First, check the compressor on the outside of your house.  Look for anything that could be obstructing the unit, such as leaves, debris, weeds or dust.  Clear away what you can with a broom, turn off the breaker for your AC unit, and rinse away the rest with a hose. Also check the filter and replace if it appears dirty or clogged.

If you have tried the above and your air conditioner continues to blow hot air, there are a number of malfunctions that an All Year Cooling professional technician would be able to identify, including a refrigerant leak, low refrigerant charge, an electrical issue, or a problem with the coils.  All Year Cooling offers free service calls during which your problem will be assessed and an estimate of the repairs given.  Participants in All Year Cooling’s preventative maintenance agreements will be able to take advantage of a 15% discount on any replacement parts that may be necessary to repair the unit.


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