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What Exactly are Correct Filters?

Posted on AC Maintenance, The Cooler Blog September 29, 2010

Indoor air quality is more important than you probably think. When we think of pollution, we typically think of smoke stacks on large factories or pollution hovering over big cities, but we rarely picture pollution as being inside our home. Unfortunately, this is often the case. You may not see any smoke rolling through the kitchen unless breakfast goes wrong, but according to a report from the EPA, indoor exposure to pollutants may be much higher than outdoor exposure. Part of this is due to the large amount of time we spend indoors; some estimates from the EPA indicate that we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors.

While some pollution is unavoidable, taking responsible steps to clean up indoor air may go a long way. One way to improve indoor air quality is by upgrading your filtration system. All Year Cooling offers Correct Filters, which are custom-fitted to the consumer’s system so that all air that passes through is subject to the filter.

Correct Filters are up to 600% more effective in trapping dust particles and up to 30 times more effective trapping other particles that may pass through other filtration systems. Is your system an odd size making it difficult to find a filter that fits? Correct Filters may be constructed to a form-fitted seal so that air cannot bypass the filter. An aluminum frame that will not break, warp or rust is constructed to fit your system. The replacement pad within the frame is treated with an EPA-registered AEGIS Micro-Spray, which protects against bacteria, fungi and odors.

If you have further questions about Correct Filters or would like to inquire about other filtration options available through All Year Cooling, please do not hesitate to call our office at (954)566-4644. One of our indoor air quality experts will answer your questions and provide you with further information about the filters


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