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What Can You Do About Indoor Air Quality?

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Tips, The Cooler Blog September 29, 2010

Indoor air quality is an important part of your air conditioning system. According to the EPA, indoor air quality may actually be worse than outdoor air quality in some cases. This will depend on several factors of course, but it brings to attention the importance of indoor air quality.

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to help improve the quality of your indoor air. The easiest and most obvious way to keep the air inside your home clean is to change your filter regularly. Most disposable filters require changing each month, while some are made to last for up to three months. Reusable filters should be washed each month, although certain filtration systems require cleaning every three months depending on room conditions and usage.

Ultraviolet light filtration is another good way to keep your indoor air healthy. UV light works to kill airborne pathogens before they settle on surfaces in your home or before you or your family breathes them in. UV filtration products are available to kill pathogens or microorganisms in the air or on the coil or other surfaces within your system.

A good, thorough duct cleaning can also be a helpful service in improving or maintaining indoor air quality. All Year Cooling uses the Rotobrush to provide our customers with effective duct cleaning service. Rotobrush uses gentle brushing to clean the walls of the ducts and a vacuum to suck out any dust, dirt and other debris.

Call All Year Cooling or email us for more information about indoor air quality and to inquire about the products and services that we offer.


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