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Ways to Make Sure Your AC is Ready for the holidays

Posted on AC Maintenance, Holidays, The Cooler Blog November 15, 2017

In most regions of the country, getting your HVAC system ready for the holidays means getting a tune-up for your furnace, but Florida isn’t like other states. The mild winters can get warm without warning, making it necessary for you to make sure both your furnace and air conditioner are ready for the workload. To avoid a holiday catastrophe, here are some tips to get your south Florida air conditioner and other HVAC components in tip-top condition.

Change the Air Filter

One of the easiest steps to prepare your AC for the holidays is changing the filter. The only thing that you really need to know is what type of filter to choose. Each filter has a specific Minimum Efficiency Report Value, or MERV rating. This value shows the fineness of the filter, and the higher the number, the more efficient the filter is at removing particles and other contaminants.

While this improves indoor air quality, it also allows the airflow to move freely from the air conditioner and furnace, through the air ducts, and into your home. This provides pinpoint accuracy from your thermostat and reduces the wear and tear on your HVAC system, creating a longer lifespan and preventing emergency repairs during the holiday season.

Getting a Tune-up

If you’re expecting a number of guests for the holiday season, you should already know that nearly everyone is comfortable at a different temperature. That’s why having your air conditioner ready to go is of the utmost importance. When you schedule a tune-up with one of our factory-trained technicians, they’ll ensure that everything is in prime condition by inspecting the various components. This will make your HVAC system run effectively, while also limiting or avoiding potential repairs while you have guests in town.

In addition, you should have both the air conditioner and furnace checked to make sure that both are running smoothly, even if you don’t think you’ll need to use both.

Cleaning the Ductwork

Although it’s often overlooked, clean ductwork is one of the most important factors in improving comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality in your home. While air filters provide an adequate first line of defense from dust, some can still get into the ductwork. Over time, this buildup can obstruct airflow, and if treated air makes it through the ductwork, it spews dust into your home, creating an unsafe environment.

When you get the ductwork cleaned, air can flow freely through the ductwork, enabling you to find the perfect temperature to suit everyone’s needs during a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about breathing in the dust and debris that comes as a natural result of running your HVAC system.

Since 1973, All Year Cooling has provided trusted AC and heating service from Vero Beach to Homestead and everywhere in between. When you want to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for the holidays or schedule an appointment, call All Year Cooling at 888-204-5554, send a text to 954-610-6620, or visit our website today.


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