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UV Safety Month

Posted on Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog, Tips July 17, 2015

Did you know July has been dedicated to UV Safety Month? The skin is our body’s largest organ and protects the inside of our body from excessive heat, sunlight, injuries and infections. Still, regardless of how important our skin is to our body’s health and well being many people take advantage of it.  Protecting our skin is not a hard thing to do and doing so can allow us to have young, healthy looking skin that will last a lifetime. Below are methods on how you can protect your skin:

Wear Proper Attire:

Wearing clothing that can protect your skin from harmful UV rays can be very important, especially if you are planning on spending a long time in the sun. Good examples of some clothing items that can protect against extended exposure to the sun are long sleeve shirts, long pants, hats and UV protected sunglasses.

Don’t Get Burned!

One bad sunburn can significantly increase one’s lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.

The Shade is Your Friend:

Stay in the shade and out of the sun if possible during the peak burning hours (10am-4pm)

Use Caution Near Reflective Surfaces:

Reflective surfaces such as water, snow, sand or even windows of a building can increase one’s chance of sunburn!

Apply Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen:

Be sure to generously apply broad-spectrum sunscreen to cover all exposed skin. Do not forget to re-apply sunscreen throughout your time in the sun!

Protect Your Eyes!

Wearing a wide brimmed hat can protect your face and eyes from the strong rays of the sun

Wear sunglasses with 99 or higher UV blockage

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