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Toshiba Extends Air Conditioning Warranty Due To ‘Enthusiastic Response’

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 11, 2013

Six months after they introduced their ‘Total Peace of Mind’ warranty to accredited installers, Toshiba Air Conditioning is expanding the popular program during 2014. The new scheme will now be open to installers who may not have passed muster under the warranty’s original terms and conditions. Why are they doing it?

According to David Dunn, the general manager of Toshiba Air Conditioning, ” We have had an enthusiastic response to our pioneering warranty.” Of course, that speaks more to the effect and not the cause. The real reason why the new five-year coverage warranty is all the rage is that air conditioning installation is a delicate procedure.  Even an experienced installer can run into problems when the equipment he/she puts in is shoddy.  If not covered by a warranty, the HVAC professional will lose on parts and labor costs.

Under the new program, not only will the installer by able to exchange a defective part for a new one, he/she will also receive partial payment for their labor. This comprehensive plan has struck a chord with installers who often have to pay for defective parts out of their own pockets. Now they can simply return the part and receive partial compensation for their labor. It truly is a win-win.


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