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The Internet’s First Ever Air Conditioning Word Search

Posted on Blogs, The Cooler Blog July 23, 2014

Nowadays, kids have an endless amount of options when it comes to filling idle time– Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Flappy Bird, Flappy Miley, and Yo (a viral messaging app where you can send ‘yo’ to each other, no joke). Back in the day though, our family road trip dead time used to be filled with a pencil and a good ol’ word search.

Because we see ourselves as pioneers in everything we do we decided to create the world’s first ever air conditioning word search– don’t get too excited. Currently, the office record for completing this word search is 4 minutes and 36 seconds (give or take a few seconds). Click on the word search to make it slightly larger and print it out. Let us know how you do.

word search with air conditioning words

List of words

  • AC repair
  • humidity
  • AC unit
  • installation
  • air filter
  • refrigerants
  • cooling
  • Rudd
  • customer service
  • summer
  • family owned
  • thermostat
  • freezing
  • Tommy
  • heating
  • Trane

Good luck!


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