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The Importance of Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on The Cooler Blog July 20, 2012

An Air Conditioning System can be one of the most important pieces of electronics in your home – it cools your family, and keeps your living environment satisfying and comfortable.

With this, we have found an excellent article which helps to show you ways to keep, maintain and save from using your system. Please enjoy!

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“”AC efficiency is mostly a function of the technology,” Scheckel says. “Keep the filter clean to allow for good air movement and keep the unit level so the condensation drains properly.”

If you replace your older room air conditioner with a newer unit, you could cut your energy costs in half, according to the Department of Energy. Look for a high-energy-efficiency ratio, or EER, or an Energy Star-qualified unit. Higher EER ratings mean a more efficient air conditioner. Energy Star refers to a system adopted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy to identify energy-efficient products.

Read more: 9 Ways to Cool Down Air-condition Costs |”


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