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The Best Bet for Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners

Posted on The Cooler Blog April 1, 2013

Modern air conditioners can be eco-friendly, as their energy consumption is around 10–15% less compared to the other kinds of air conditioners. An eco-friendly air conditioner has the Energy Star sticker, meaning it’s approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Know what to watch out for when searching for the right eco-friendly A/C unit.

Eco-Friendly Ideas to Try
Homeowners can take several steps to maximize efficiency of their eco-friendly A/C system. It’s important to get one with the proper sizing, depending on the square feet that will need to be cooled. Also consider the number of people living there, as well as windows, doors, and the used appliances.

Maintenance plays a big part, and homeowners need to ensure routine and proper care for their air conditioner. Replace the filter monthly and plan for annual service to keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency. Ideally, the thermostat settings should be set the same for the entire year. The recommended setting is 78°.

Ceiling fans also come into play and helps the air conditioner operate easier. They work to distribute the cool air around the room. They require less energy to operate so they have a lesser impact in your home’s energy consumption. Keep your window blinds/shades down to block out the excess sunlight and heat. Planting trees and other shrubs around the home will add extra shading. Your outside air conditioner ought to be shaded as well; it will get around 6° cooler that way.


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