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Surprising Air Conditioning Facts

Posted on Fort Lauderdale, The Cooler Blog August 21, 2019

When it comes to air conditioning in Fort Lauderdale FL, the consensus is that it is indeed important and necessary! With the blistering hot summers of the area, air conditioning is an invention that we should never take for granted. Believe it or not, there was a time where people lived in South Florida without the gift of working AC. In fact, most homes didn’t really have air conditioning until the ‘70s!

Air conditioning has a surprisingly rich history with some fun and unexpected facts. Read below to learn some of the standouts!

Without Air Conditioning, We Wouldn’t Have Summer Blockbusters

We know what you’re thinking… what does AC have to do with the film industry? All the way back in the ‘30s, cooling systems were not very commonplace, but you could find them in movie theaters. People escaped the heat of the summer by flocking to the chilled cinemas, enjoying a film while they were at it. Industry heads began to take notice and decided to schedule some of their biggest titles for the summer, and the Summer Blockbuster was born!

Herbert Hoover Was the First President to Enjoy AC
Being the president is a tough job. The stressful situations and big decisions would be enough to make anybody sweat. Perhaps this is why President Hoover decided to have the first air conditioning system installed in the Oval Office. This project cost $30,000 dollars and took place right at the start of the Great Depression.

AC Gave Rise to the Summer Vacation

When hot weather made it difficult to sit in school buildings and offices, it became tradition to call for a break and let people have a vacation from the stuffy rooms. Even though most of these buildings have AC by now, we still enjoy summer vacations today!

The First Home Cooling System Was Huge
In 1914, the first ever residential air conditioning unit was built, but it wasn’t small by any means. The machine stood at about 7 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 20 feet long. Back then, some cold air in the summer may have been worth the loss in storage area!

To learn more about air conditioning, especially about how you can save money with an energy-efficient unit, call All Year Cooling today!


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