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10 Ways to Stay Cool In South Florida This Summer

Posted on Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog June 19, 2014

Sometimes summer gets so hot that you are constantly looking for ways to cool off. Walking from your front door to your car usually results in major sweating. Standing outside for more than ten minutes can seem torturous. Sound familiar? If so, maybe give some of these suggestions a try!

1. When you’re outside and the sun is beating down on you, you want nothing more than a refreshing treat. Popsicles are not only tasty but they can be healthy too! If you can’t cool off with air conditioning, let popsicles help do the trick.

2. When your air conditioner breaks, sometimes the only way to cool off is to chill out in the refrigerator. At All Year Cooling we offer same day service. Call us, don’t let this be you!

3 dogs trying to cool off

3. When you don’t have access to air conditioning, you can always cool off by carrying around a portable misting fan to get some relief from the scorching South Florida heat!

4. Do you remember sliding down Slip-N-Slides as a kid? It was a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day! Make your own Slip-N- Slide and show your kids just how fun the heat can be.

5. Did you know that the average high temperature in Ft. Lauderdale in July is 90 degrees? Yikes! Seems like this guy has the right idea by lying on ice.

6. Make fruit ice cubes. Great for adding flavor to your drink or as a snack! You can sip on this tasty drink while sitting in an air conditioned room to help cool off quicker.

7. Unfortunately, there’s no air conditioning at the beach. To protect yourself from sunburn, bring an umbrella to the beach! It will help give you the shade you crave for.

8. If you can’t seem to cool off, whether you’re inside or outside, run your wrists under cold water for ten seconds. It will help relieve your body temperature. You can also soak your feet in cold water for the same effect.

9. Even with the air conditioner blowing, your bed can get warm. Put your pillow in the freezer before heading to bed to avoid a warm pillow!

10. Or -to find true happiness –simply play in a waterfall!



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