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Signs It’s Time for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips February 6, 2019

signs it's time for an air conditioning tune up

Anyone who’s familiar with the weather in Coral Springs FL and the surrounding areas knows that a working air conditioning unit is vital. Your AC system requires consistent maintenance to ensure that it will be reliable against the Florida heat, which is why it’s key to know the signs that your AC unit needs a tune up. Regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance an make the difference between good AC and great AC!

Vents Pushing Out Weak Airflow

One of the more frustrating issues with air conditioning is when cold air comes out, but not as strongly as you need it to. Weak airflow from your vents causes your overall system to work harder for less output. This can be a result of a leak in your air ducts or a clogged filter. Making this fix a part of scheduled tune-up is a more cost-effective solution than calling for a major repair.

Temperatures Vary Drastically Room-to-Room

It’s always a strange feeling to be freezing in the kitchen and then sweating in the living room! There are, of course, lots of reasons the temperature can be so variant: lack of insulation, amount of sunlight a room gets, etc. But the state of your air conditioning system can also be contributing to this change in temperature. An AC expert can inspect your ductwork and cooling unit to see what exactly could be causing your home’s temperature swings.

Vents Releasing Warm Air, Not Cool

Not only is warm air from your AC uncomfortable, but it’s also bad for your energy bill! Your HVAC system will continue to blow this warm air into your home until it reaches your desired temperature (which it won’t). There’s a variety of reasons for your system to do this, many of which can be fixed on the spot during a tune-up. This isn’t an appointment that you’ll want to delay, as your energy bill and home comfort will depend on it.

Strange Sounds (That You Haven’t Heard Before) Coming from the AC System

No one knows the sounds that your house makes likes you, which is why it’s important to note any strange noises that you hear coming from your vents. There’s always going to be familiar rumblings and creaks, but loud rattling and buzzing noises will need to be looked at by a professional. The sooner you get to it, the better, as the root of the problem may require a replacement part if left alone for too long.


It’s often said that a good defense is a great offense. When it comes to your air conditioning, being proactive with your regular tune ups is the key to beating the Florida heat. As temperatures begin to increase as we inch closer to spring and summer, now is the perfect time to schedule a tune-up with us!


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