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Selecting The Best AC Units For Your Home Or Business In South Florida

Posted on AC Repair February 10, 2014

Selecting the right central air conditioning unit is important. The best model will be efficient, using less electricity to cool down the house in order to save on utility bills. Look for a reliable brand that will be quiet and long-lasting, as well as a system that requires less service and repairs over the years.

All Year Cooling offers numerous high-quality AC brands that will give you years of good service, including Rheem AC units in South Florida. For the best in AC installation, maintenance and repair, Call Us At [php snippet=1] Today!

Reliable Rheem AC Units In South Florida

When selecting an AC, it’s important to find a unit that is the right size for your house or office building. If it’s too small, it will struggle to provide a sufficient amount of cool air, and it might end up running all the time just trying to keep up. This can cause the system to wear out faster.

However, an oversized AC unit is almost just as bad, because it will wind up cycling on and off way more often than necessary, which wastes energy and puts quite a bit of extra strain on the compressor. This could also cause the system to wear out faster.

All Year Cooling can help you determine the best size AC units for your home or office, based on the amount of cooling required, as well as local climate, floor space, the amount of shade on the house, the number and size of windows and insulation.

It is also a good idea to get a system that is energy efficient. Rheem offers a number of high-efficiency AC models, and all of them are designed to save you money over the life of the AC unit by reducing your energy bills.

Reliability is also important, especially if you live in a warmer climate like South Florida. You want a system that can endure many hot days with a compressor that is able to handle the heavy load. Try to find one that is relatively quiet, so there are no loud fan noises.

A sturdy steel cabinet is a good quality that will protect the coil from getting damaged, which could lead to expensive repairs. This will ensure many years of reliable service and plenty of cool air on even the hottest days of the year.


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