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Sealing Ductwork To Improve Home Efficiency And Lower Costs

Posted on AC Repair, AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog April 8, 2014

Air ducts that leak or are improperly sealed not only cost you money and increase energy usage, but they also create unbalanced and uncomfortable airflow in your home. Read on to learn why it is important to have your ductwork checked to optimize your A/C system and reduce energy costs.

Holes or damage to your ductwork can cause excessively high energy bills, so make sure you have a recent power bill on hand to show your All Year Cooling technician. During the assessment, your technician will inspect your ducts for rattling and visibly loose seams, as well as do a mechanical inspection for visually undetectable holes.

If your ductwork does have damage or sealant issues, it is important to address those problems as quickly as possible to prevent major issues or wasted energy. Our technicians can seal holes and gaps in the seam work, repair insulation and add insulation where needed. We will also retest once the procedure finishes, ensuring that the repair work has fixed the problem and your home A/C is more energy efficient.

To learn more about how to improve your air duct performance and how All Year Cooling can help, call us today at 1-[php snippet=1].



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