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Save Money with These 6 Tips

Posted on The Cooler Blog June 25, 2013

It’s important to stay cool during the summer, but having your A/C constantly running can significantly raise your energy bill. Save money with these 6 effective tips.

1. Keep the filter clean.
A dusty filter reduces air flow. Check the unit’s air filters on a monthly basis and clean / replace them when necessary. Clean filters can cut the used energy down by 5% – 15%. Keep heat-producing appliances, like televisions or lamps, away from the thermostat. That heat can make your thermostat continue to cool when it’s not necessary. If you are looking to replace your thermostat, it’s a good idea to choose one that offers a warning LED each month to remind you to change the filter.

2. Maintain the ducts and vents.
With a central A/C unit, make sure that all air ducts are properly insulated. It’s recommended to have a specialist check for holes or leaks in the ducts. Duct tape is only a temporary measure; you should have any damage properly fixed. Make sure furniture does not block air conditioning vents.

3. Check for household leaks.
Make sure air isn’t escaping through openings like fireplace dampers, doors and windows. Take the time to examine the seals around doors and windows to see if weather stripping or caulk needs to be applied.

4. What you do around the house.
The sun’s heat can raise your home’s temperature. Ensure that blinds and drapes to reduce the sun’s thermal heat. If you are intent on letting the light in, install window-reflective film to block some of the heat. You also want to delay heat-producing tasks like cooking and laundry to the evening time.

5. Use your fans.
Fans help provide your home with supplemental cooling. Using fans instead of the air conditioner on milder days can save 60% or more in energy costs. Appropriately setting the A/C fan can help you save too. Setting the fan speed on high helps push cool air around the house, except in humid weather.

6. Set the thermostat to the best temperature.
Having your thermostat to 78° Fahrenheit is the best setting during warmer months. Reducing your home’s temperature 72° Fahrenheit could increase your cooling costs 12% – 47%. Setting it really low will not help cool your home faster. It will use more energy forgetting to adjust it can lead to less efficiency on your air conditioner.


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