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Save Money By Upgrading Your Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on AC Repair February 24, 2014

If your monthly energy bills are too high during the summer months, you may want to consider replacing your outdated air conditioning unit with a new, energy-efficient model. According to, by replacing air conditioners that are 12 years or older with an energy-efficient design, you can save up to 30 percent on your cooling costs. If your unit is older than 15 years old, it is particularly recommended that you replace it.

Several factors can contribute to energy savings.Some suggestions for saving money on utility bills include:

  1. Installation of a “green” air conditioner.
  2. Proper insulation of your home, including energy-efficient windows.
  3. Proper attachment of ductwork to the HVAC system.
  4. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit, including regular replacement of air filters.

If you would like to save money on your utility costs, call the experts at All Year Cooling at 888-496-4396 to discuss the available options. Our experienced team has knowledge of and experience with the latest products available from some of the leading air conditioning manufacturers, including Rheem, Carrier, Trane and York, as well as many others. Call today to find a new unit that fits your needs.


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