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Ruud Air Conditioners

Posted on The Cooler Blog July 3, 2013

As the industry’s leader for heating, cooling, and water heating solution, Ruud is a trusted name with over 100 years of reliability. All Ruud air conditioners surpass industry standards for quality and reliability. Ruud is a one-stop solutions provider, as they cover residential / commercial heating and cooling, storage-style / tankless / solar water heating systems, and replacement parts and accessories. Ruud products are tested on a frequent basis and certified by various government and third-party testing labs.

Ruud air conditioners feature the Copeland® Scroll Compressor for exceptional durability, performance and reliability. The compressor works as the heart of any air conditioning system. Although other compressors are noisy when operational, Copeland® Scroll Compressors work in a quiet, smooth function. The Comfort Control System™ has a diagnostics system that will alert you of service repairs and even shows the source of a malfunction. Even if there’s a power failure, the system’s operating system is saved recall saves the operational history of the system

With the proper air handler, Ruud air conditioners can control humidity levels to ensure maximum comfort. Controlling the humidity levels can help you adjust the thermostat to the changing temperatures without sacrificing comfort. Whether your needs are heating, cooling, or water-heater related, Ruud is the cost-effective solution.


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