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Regular AC Maintenance Will Keep You Cool Longer In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog December 9, 2013 by Terry Jones

Proper AC installation and AC maintenance are incredibly important, particularly when you live in a climate like South Florida where hot, muggy days are not uncommon at any time of the year. The last thing anybody wants to do on a hot day is lose their air conditioning. Fortunately, with proper maintenance, it is possible to keep it running in great shape.

Reliable AC Installation And Repair In South Florida

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It is advisable to get your AC unit checked annually for regular maintenance. This will make sure that it keeps running in peak condition even on the hottest days of the year. Also, if you follow a few simple tips, you can save on energy bills and unexpected repair costs:

1) Change Filters Routinely

It is best to change the air filters at least every few months. A clogged filter can diminish the effectiveness of the AC unit, so it is best not to let it go too long. If you check it, and it’s completely covered in dust, then it is definitely past due.

2) Keep Vents Clean

Regularly dust the air vents several times a year, so that dust does not accumulate. Vents can become completely clogged with dust, which puts a strain on the air conditioner. It also creates worse air quality as all that dust blows around.

3) Keep Condensing Unit Clear

If your condensing unit is inside a closet, make sure there is not a lot of clutter stored around it like boxes, folding chairs or clothes. Remember, the condensing unit needs to be able to draw air in effectively in order to function.

This might mean finding another place to store some of your stuff, but it is worth it to keep the AC unit working more efficiently.

4)  Make Sure Coils Are Clean

The AC unit works by blowing air over a set of coils. If these coils get dirty, the cooling ability of the unit will be impacted, so if you are not getting enough cold air out of the vents, you might check to make sure the coils are clean.

Of course, a regular maintenance check by professionals is the best way to keep the system running at peak efficiency for a long period of time. Trust All Year Cooling for proper installation and AC maintenance (Read some customer testimonials here). For more information, Call Us At "> "> Today!

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