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Reasons to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips April 17, 2019

The term “energy-efficient” often gets thrown around a lot, especially when the conversation is about AC repair or installation. But it isn’t always clear what this term means or why it’s so important. Buying an air conditioning system can be a substantial purchase, so why should energy efficiency be a factor in your search?

Energy efficiency is something that touches on all aspects of your home, not just your cooling system. To put it simply, energy efficiency refers to how productive your home’s features are in relation to the energy that goes into maintaining them. The usual example is those fluorescent light bulbs that you often see on TV that last longer and use less energy than regular light bulbs.

Now that we know what energy efficient means, why is it so important?

For starters, energy-efficient products and appliances save you money, which makes for a great return on investment. An energy-efficient AC unit may cost more at first compared to other models. But as time goes on, you’ll learn that the costs associated with running your air conditioning are lower than they would have been if you had opted for the cheaper version. That’s because an energy-efficient system will cool your home quicker while using less energy, saving you money on your monthly utility costs.

Another great reason to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to increase your property value. A home that is more energy efficient will sell for a much higher price in the real estate market. This is yet another reason why you should never let the up-front cost of an energy-efficient product scare you off. Energy efficient homes have a way of paying you back in the long term!

The environment is another thing to consider when working on your home’s efficiency. We all want to leave a better earth behind for future generations and being wise with our energy output is a big part of this! By cutting down on the amount of energy your house uses to function, you’ll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This makes for a healthier Earth for all – who wouldn’t want that?

If you want to know how efficient your home in Boynton Beach FL is, give the technicians at All Year Cooling a call today! Our team can explain why energy efficiency is so important and provide your home’s system with proper SEER and AFUE ratings.


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