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Programmable Thermostats & Zone Control Systems

Posted on The Cooler Blog May 29, 2013

For practically every industry, the concern for energy efficiency is ever-growing concern. Two beneficial options to reduce consumption while including residential / commercial luxury are programmable thermostats and zone control systems.

With a programmable thermostat, the building owners / residents have total control over the heating and cooling systems. As a result, the building is more comfortable and the utility bills are decreased. The thermostat settings can be based on time and day, for travel, or harsher conditions. The temperature control system can be programmed to coincide with the homeowner’s schedule. If the homeowner is out of town for several days or weeks, the thermostat can be adjusted to turn on less often until the homeowner returns. It can also be set to stay off while the resident is at work and automatically turn on when they arrive back home.

Zone control systems make it possible to individually set the temperature of each room. Almost every household (including your own) has experienced arguments and debates over temperature control. Zone control allows each resident to program their room’s temperature to their comfort level, without disturbing the other areas of the home.

Not only do these two options add luxury and comfort to any home or office, but they also reduce the environmental impact and costs of building maintenance. With these two options of “going green”, power will not be wasted if a building or home is not in use, resulting in cheaper monthly utility bills.


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