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Preparing Your A/C System For Hurricane Season

Posted on The Cooler Blog June 20, 2012 by Terry Jones

The 2012 Florida hurricane season is expected to pretty active. Here are some helpful hints to ensure your A/C System stays protected throughout high winds, debris and the storm.

BEFORE A STORM: To-Do List for Hurricane Preparation

  • Turn your A/C System off prior to a severe storm.
  • If you have a window unit we recommend unplugging it entirely
  • Cover your outdoor unit with a tarp prior to a storm to protect it from rain and debris
  • Do not turn your unit back on immediately following a storm or hurricane
  • Inspect the outside unit and surrounding area first to ensure it’s in proper working condition

AFTER A STORM: Call a Professional

  • We recommend calling a professional for an inspection of your AC unit to ensure it it was not damaged and is in fine working order after a storm. If you see any physical damage to your unit, we recommend not turning it back on until the unit has been looked at by a professional.

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