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3 Coolest Places For Coffee In Delray Beach

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 29, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Like most Americans, a lot of the All Year Cooling team needs caffeine to keep us going. When the caffeine comes from a quality cup of coffee rather than a gas station brew, it’s a big bonus. For that reason, a lot of our installers love doing work in Delray Beach; some have even dubbed Read More…


7 Of The Coolest Family-Friendly Places In Oakland Park

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 28, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Oakland Park might not be the biggest city, but it sure does have some of our favorite businesses in South Florida. As part of our blog post series that covers all our favorite places in the cities where service air conditioners (Vero Beach to Key West), we decided to tackle Oakland Park. Feel free to comment Read More…


14 Of The Coolest Family-Friendly Restaurants in Weston

Posted on Family and Home, The Cooler Blog August 27, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

If you have kids there’s a lot to love about Weston. For starters, the parks are great, it’s safe, the public schools are some of Broward’s best, and there’s plenty of quality spots to grab a bite. Some of our team members live in Weston, and they always rave about some of the restaurants in Read More…


We’ve Accepted The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Charity, The Cooler Blog August 22, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

It was only a matter of time before we accepted the challenge to dump ice cold water over our heads in the name of ALS awareness. Our General Manager Kevin Zacharias was the AYC team member that decided to represent the team by getting soaked. Not only did Kevin get wet though, he also donated Read More…


7 Memes About Air Conditioning That Are Actually Funny

Posted on AC Repair, The Cooler Blog August 21, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

Air conditioning isn’t the most entertaining topic to talk or write about. We like to take a lighthearted approach to a lot of our air conditioning blog posts (if you couldn’t already tell). Worth noting, we also have more conventional air conditioning resources if you’re looking for hard info on ac units. This post is one of those Read More…

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Guess Which ex-Miami Dolphins QB Was In One Of Our Commercials

Posted on AC Repair, News, Testimonials, The Cooler Blog August 20, 2014 by Jonathan Williams

We’ve been a South Florida family-owned business since 1973; if you’re as big as a Dolphins fan as most of us at the company are, you’ll remember that 1973 was the last year Miami won the Super Bowl, and only 1 year removed from the only NFL perfect season. Yeah, it was a good year. Read More…

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