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Now is the PERFECT Time to Install a New Automatic Standby Generator

Posted on AC Repair, AC Tips, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog September 29, 2010

As of the early morning, there are no tropical cyclone formations in the Atlantic. So with no tropical storms or hurricanes ready to strike, why is this the perfect time to install a new generator? Because with no real urgency to install a generator, companies offering generator installation, like All Year Cooling, are typically not as busy as in the week or days prior to a storm hitting our shores.

All Year Cooling installs automatic standby Generac generators for our customers. Generac generators will automatically kick into action when the power goes out and are built tough to withstand the elements. Various generators are available depending on your specific needs, whether you’re backing up a four or five ton air conditioner in addition to a home office, home theatre and multiple rooms, or are backing up a small home with a three ton air conditioner.

The early months of the hurricane season are traditionally less active than in the thick of the season in August, September and October. When more storms start forming in these months, demand for generator installation will inevitably rise. In the week leading up to a storm reaching our shores, it can be next to impossible to get an appointment for installation. With the Atlantic relatively quiet thus far and predictions for a very active season ahead of us, homeowners can save themselves a lot of trouble by scheduling their installation now rather than later.

South Florida residents are well-informed of the importance of preparing early for the hurricane season. We’ve all had the experience of hunting for supplies at the last minute only to find the shelves picked over or completely bare. Similarly, the demand for generator installation becomes so high that it becomes nearly impossible to schedule an installation, leaving some homeowners without backup power following a storm.

Most, if not all, residents in South Florida have at some point been without power as the direct result of a hurricane or tropical storm. It’s during these times that we realize how much we depend on modern luxuries like air conditioning, refrigeration, artificial light and hot water. Call All Year Cooling for more information about Generac generators so you can beat the rush this hurricane season!


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