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Next Generation Thermostat: Nest

Posted on AC Tips, The Cooler Blog December 23, 2014

Meet the next generation thermostat: Nest. Using innovative technology, The Nest Learning Thermostat has the capability of learning your schedule, and programming itself to best suit your needs. Nest can even be controlled when you are away from your home from any smart phone. Most people leave their homes at a lower temperature and forget to raise it when they leave; by using Nest, people are now free to leave their homes and never have to worry about forgetting to change the temperature to help save on energy bills.

Nest Thermostats program themselves; they learn what temperatures you usually keep your home on, and the times when you adjust the temperate. The software then builds a personalized schedule just for you. After teaching it efficient temperatures for the first few days, Nest will start setting these temperatures on its own. Within a week, Nest will fully understand your schedule, and will have made a schedule for your home that will help you save energy and money. Nest can save its users up to 20% off their bill!


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