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Myths & Facts of Air Conditioning

Posted on The Cooler Blog May 6, 2013

If after making all the home adjustments you can to stay cool, but you just can’t seem to beat the heat, an air conditioner will do the trick. Air conditioners aren’t the most energy efficient solution to keeping cool, but an older model of an air conditioner can result in larger, unnecessary costs. Replace your old air conditioner with a more efficient one by contacting a Heating and Cooling Contractor today.

MYTH: It’s more efficient to leave the air conditioner running at a minimal level during the day than to shut it off and have to re-cool the house again later.

FACT: The less you use the AC, the less electricity you use. When the AC is running regardless of the level, you are paying for it, when it is off, you’re not. Keep your windows closed while the AC is off as to not let in additional humidity, a well-insulated home should only drop a few degrees throughout the day while you’re not home.

MYTH: Opening the registers in all rooms and leaving the interior doors open will circulate cold air throughout the house more efficiently.

FACT: Closing doors, vents and ductwork to unused rooms makes better and more efficient use of an air conditioner. Cold air goes where the heat is. If there is a hot unused room, the air conditioner will work to cool it off. By closing that room off to the rest of the house (by register or even more closing the duct work leading to that room), your home will stay cooler more efficiently.

MYTH: To cool off a house faster, you should crank the thermostat 5-7 degrees cooler than the desired temperature until the home cools off.

FACT: Lowering the temperature on the thermostat does not make the air conditioner work any faster when cooling off your home. An air conditioner extracts the hot air in a home and replaces it with cold. An air conditioner only replaces a given amount of hot air with cold in a particular time frame.


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