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Must-Read Info About Getting An AC Tuneup

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 14, 2014

Keeping your home comfortable is more complicated than you might think. It requires an array of parts working together, and even if one component of your ac is malfunctioning, it can throw the entire system off.

Like all machines, air conditioners sometimes need tuneups. An ac tuneup can optimize its performance while minimizing your energy bills. Here are two other reasons to get an ac tuneup:

1. Prevent Unexpected Issues

An ac tuneup involves recalibrating your system, which is vital to keeping the unit running efficiently. In one part of the air conditioner is malfunctioning, it can damage other parts or areas of the house.

For example, broken drain lines or drip pans can cause condensation overflow. This can lead to mold growth in your home, which can damage infrastructure and, more importantly, cause respiratory problems for home inhabitants. This amounts to costly repairs that could have been avoided with a little bit of maintenance.

2. Get The Most Out Of Your Unit

If your ac unit isn’t running at its maximum performance level and most ideal calibration, you may not be getting the most bang for your buck. An ac tuneup can help you reach desired temperatures, and because the unit needs to work less to condition the air, your power bills decrease.

Contact All Year Cooling today at 1-[php snippet=1] to set up an appointment to have your ac unit tuned up.

Air Conditioner Inspection In South Florida

In South Florida, where the weather can be very hot and humid, you never want to be left in the heat without a properly functioning ac unit. Regular air conditioner inspection can prevent breakdowns and unexpected issues. One of our experienced HVAC technicians will spot and resolve problems before they develop into costly repairs.

What To Look For In An Air Conditioner Inspection Company

When hiring a company to inspect your air conditioner, there are a few qualities to look for:

1. Hires only certified and licensed professionals.

2. Receives positive customer reviews.

3. Has worked in the HVAC industry for several years.

4. Offers local service, so they understand the common issues in your climate.

All Year Cooling is a local South Florida company that meets all of these requirements and would be happy to give your air conditioner a full, professional inspection. Contact us today at 1-[php snippet=1] to schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.


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