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More Money-Saving Tips

Posted on AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips August 30, 2013

Whether you have central air conditioning or a window air conditioning unit, use these energy-saving tips to significantly reduce your electric bills, especially in the warmer climates.

When buying a window air conditioning unit, it’s never recommended to get a bigger-sized A/C unit. Base the size of the air conditioning unit on the size of the room, and the factors that affect the room’s temperature, such as the number of windows and the directions it faces. An air conditioning unit that is too big for the room will work harder and with less efficiency.

When buying a central air conditioning system, make sure the SEER number (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is 13 or better; 14 in warmer climates. Look for an EER (energy efficiency ratio) of 11 or higher for room air conditioners. A high efficiency unit costs more, but living in a hot climate, but it is worth the cost as energy bills will decrease. If you have an old air conditioning system with a SEER rating of less than 8, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient system.

Regular maintenance is highly recommended if you want to ensure the lifespan of your air conditioning system. It’s always a good idea to replace the filter once a month during the cooling season, and have professional service done to your system at the beginning of each cooling season.

With a programmable thermostat, you have the ability to vary the temperature according to your presence in the residence. Set it to 78 degrees when you’re home. If you’ll be gone for more than a few hours, set the air conditioning at 85 degrees during your absence. You can even time the A/C system to turn on when you come home from work.


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