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Making Sure Your Heat Is Ready for the Winter Season

Posted on AC Maintenance, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog December 15, 2017

Is your home ready for the winter? Don’t wait until the temperatures drop to uncomfortable levels to find out. Just as your air conditioning needs a check before the summer highs hit their stride, you should prep your heating system before you need it.

Your home HVAC maintenance should include a few simple checks that you can perform yourself. However, furnaces are complex systems that require professional attention to run in peak condition. Follow these steps to make sure your heat is ready for the winter season.

Perform These Steps Yourself

Start by testing the thermostat. Wait for a cold night or get up early in the morning and turn back the dial. Did the heater turn on? You don’t want to go through the other steps on this list only to discover that the system won’t turn on when you need it.

There are several other quick DIY fixes and checks you can perform yourself. For example, you can replace the air filters in your home if they’re safely accessible, and you can do a surface cleaning to remove dust and any debris. You can also check your doors and windows for air leaks, though a professional home energy audit is a better option if you want to detect every place where you’ll be losing heat this winter. Bleeding the radiator valves is another easy step to perform yourself.

Remember to check your carbon monoxide detectors and change the batteries if applicable. Carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal. Place the alarms near all sleeping areas, and keep them at least five feet off the ground.

When to Call in the Professionals

There are plenty of things only a professional should work with on your heating and cooling system, and an expert can lend their advice on every aspect of home winter preparation. For example, a specialist can check the fan output and search for leaks along the ducts.

They can also simply inspect the system and let you know if there are any issues you should handle now to avoid major problems down the road. Things like frayed belts, for instance, are a quick replacement if they’re caught in time. But they can become a major problem if they break completely. Professionals can also check that your thermostat is giving an accurate reading and maintain critical machine components.

An HVAC professional can dig deeper than a filter replacement and surface wipe-down of your equipment. Consult an expert for a top-to-bottom cleaning and maintenance before you put your system through heavy use when the weather turns.

Check It Before You Need It

Remember to have your heater examined during the fall season when temperatures are still comfortable. The last thing you want is to have to wait a few days or longer for parts and repairs once it gets cold. Checking ahead of the winter will also give you enough time to consider a replacement if a more efficient system is a viable option for you.

Contact All Year Cooling in South Florida for a total check of your HVAC system, and rest easy knowing that you’ll stay warm all winter.


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