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Learn More About the 2013 Federal A/C Tax Credit

Posted on The Cooler Blog February 18, 2013

    1. How much could I receive from the federal tax credit?
      The federal tax credit offers you 10% of the price of your system up to $300.


    1. How can I apply for the credit?
      Be sure to fill out and include tax form 5695 when you file your federal income taxes. Click here to download.


    1. Which units qualify for this credit?
      To see which units qualify, and if your unit is eligible under the section titled 25C Residential Tax Credits, click here.


    1. How long does the federal tax credit last?
      Units purchased up until December 31, 2013 will be eligible.


    1. How can I be sure I personally qualify for the tax credit?
      Although the majority of people do qualify, be sure to bring this credit up to your tax professional, as there are some other qualifiers such as efficiency requirements and lifetime credit caps.


  1. Will my tax professional or accountant require any additional information from me?
    Tax form 5695, available here, is required. Your accountant or tax professional may also ask for a paid invoice for the unit, and an AHRI Certificate for your unit or system. You should have received the AHRI certificate at the time of installation, however this form can also be retrieved by clicking here.


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