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Labor Day Activities For Your Family

Posted on Family and Home, Holidays, The Cooler Blog September 3, 2015

All too often, Labor Day simply means a 3-day-weekend, BBQ or a day spent at the beach, when in fact there are many other things to think about on this important day. Here at All Year Cooling we believe it is important to teach kids about Labor Day and how they could be contributing to better themselves and our community. Below, find ideas of how you and your families can celebrate Labor Day this weekend:

Family Discussion

  • Talk to your kids about your job; discuss how you contribute to your family and the community. It is important for them to understand what the true meaning of labor is and how it can be beneficial to their lives.
  • Have a family discussion about different jobs and who and how they help. Talk about jobs your kids would like to have one day and how those jobs can contribute.

Family Fun

  • Make a list of ways your children can contribute by doing certain types of labor. Babysitting, walking the dog, feeding their pets or running errands are all great ways for your child to “labor” and contribute.
  • If you are feeling artsy, look through magazines for photos of people working and make a collage with your children. Go though each of the jobs these people are doing and have a conversation as to how they are contributing.
  • Create a scavenger hunt around your home; click here for a Labor Day scavenger hunt questions worksheet that include questions that will have your children discuss how they can contribute their labor.


Labor Day is not only a great time to kick back and relax following a long week’s work, but it is also a great time to explain to your family more about your job and duties and how they help your family as well as contribute to the community. Here’s to a great Labor Day, we hope you enjoy!


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