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Key Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Posted on AC Repair, The Cooler Blog September 17, 2013

The air isn’t as cold as usual. This is usually a sign that the air conditioning unit is old and in need of replacement. Little or no airflow is a key sign that your compressor is seeing its last days. But if other areas of the house are getting good airflow, there could be blockage in your ductwork. This problem can often be noticed during regular air conditioning maintenance. Sometimes the A/C isn’t the issue; it’s the thermostat. A good way to tell is if one part of your home is cooler than another.

Any amount of water leakage is NOT a good sign. If it’s anywhere near or inside of the air conditioner, the condensation drainage tube may be clogged or broken. A layer of ice anywhere on the unit is also a definite problem. Freon leakage doesn’t just ruin your air conditioner; it poses a serious health risk! This colorless, odorless and potently toxic gas weighs more than air and lodges itself in the lungs. Any squeaking, squealing or grinding sounds indicate mechanical problems with the unit, possibly in the fan. Not catching the issue in time will lead to having the entire unit replaced. A pungent or burning smell means that its wire insulation has been burned away. Musty or mildewy odors is a usually a sign of mold growth and foul or rotten smells almost always mean something has died in your ductwork.

Air conditioning units often require special training and tools to be able to fix the issue(s). If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner, call All Year Cooling & Heating at [php snippet=1].


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