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Keep Energy Bills Low This Summer! Part 1/3

Posted on AC Tips, Seasonal Weather, The Cooler Blog, Tips September 29, 2010

Energy efficiency is important this time of the year. The warm weather forces your air conditioner to work harder, and the chances are that the hot outdoor temperatures have forced you to turn your air conditioner lower. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take around the home to ensure that energy bills are kept from soaring out of control.

For one, try keeping your thermostat a couple degrees higher. FPL recommends keeping it set at 78 degrees. If this is too warm for you and your family’s comfort, try to keep the thermostat set as high as you can. When you leave the house, turn the air conditioner up a few degrees to save some energy.

Using ceiling fans can go a long way in staying cool this summer. They won’t lower the room temperature, but they’ll make you feel cooler, which will allow you to keep the thermostat set a little higher. Just make sure that when you leave the room you turn the fan off because a fan doesn’t do any good if nobody is around to enjoy it.

Another simple step you can take is using appliances like dishwashers, washers and dryers during the evening or morning when outdoor temperatures are lower. Your appliances give off heat and if used during peak temperatures may make your air conditioner work even harder to keep your house cool.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs help to reduce energy consumption when used to replace incandescent light bulbs. Use a power strip to shut off televisions, DVD players, computers and other household electronics when you aren’t using them. Simply turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging chargers and other equipment when not in use and avoiding leaving the refrigerator door open for too long can also help.


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