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Is Your Electric Bill Too High? How to Keep Your AC Unit Working Efficiently to Lower Your Bill

Posted on AC Maintenance, AC Tips, Money Saving Tips, The Cooler Blog, Tips January 20, 2019

Everyone wants to stay cool when the heat rises, but don’t make your electric bill suffer! Here are some tips on air conditioning efficiency to lower your bill.

Heating and cooling account for about half of the energy bill in most homes. You could spend half your time outside your home and still notice little variation in your bill. An inefficient HVAC unit will hog all that electricity year around.

Air conditioning efficiency is all about insulating, maintaining, and minimizing AC power. An optimal system will run quieter, less often, and cheaper. All you need to do is follow these tips and you’ll start to see immediate results on your bill and overall comfort.

Fresh Filters

Your air filters are the lungs of your AC unit. If you’re not staying on top of them and changing them on-time, you’re throwing away money. As the air flow is reduced from dirt, dust, and debris, it takes longer to cool down the home.

A clogged air filter can reduce air conditioning efficiency by as much as 15%. You’ll need to check on them before the recommended date. Some months are dustier than others (see: pollen season).

If you own pets, their shedding will definitely require more frequent filter changes. If you hate doing this, invest in some annual filters.

Maintain Air Conditioning Efficiency

If you take care of your filters and don’t run the AC too hard, you should go years without needing to worry about repairs. Of course, many of us miss the warning signs that the AC is struggling. A certain hum, whirl, or buzz may not raise suspicions.

We recommend getting your AC checked out every other year to every 12 months. This will prevent costly AC repair situations from failing components. For example, a simple failing solenoid or capacitor is much cheaper to replace than a burnt out compressor.

Insulate and Protect

All that cold air being pumped into your home might be leaking out. You won’t notice it as obvious cracks in your walls, though. The most common places where cold air escapes are door frames and windows.

Adding an extra layer of caulking along the perimeter is a cheap and effective solution. For windows, look into window tinting and plastic films. This creates another layer of protection from the sun, plus more insulation for the winter.

AC Working Smarter

Standard thermostats aren’t going to allow you to properly relegate your AC usage. You need a programmable thermostat to allow you to save money and time from constant adjustments. Programming your thermostat to turn off at certain times (work, vacation, etc.) prevents costly mistakes.

It takes less energy for the AC to gradually cool a warm home, rather than crank it down as soon as you get home.

Time for Some Fresh Air

How old is your current AC system? Are you knocking on 10 years or more? As HVAC get older, they start to dip in efficiency.

Air conditioning efficiency might be a matter of upgrading to a higher-rated unit. Air conditioners have come a long way in efficiency over the years. Ask us about the savings you can get from a new AC installation.

We’ll compare your current model and tell you what you can expect to save on every bill. Contact us today and start saving!


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