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Inspect Your AC Before Summer Hits To Beat The Heat

Posted on AC Repair February 12, 2014

Although there’s still plenty of cold weather to come, late winter and early spring are the best times to inspect your air conditioning unit before you need it running constantly. In order to save yourself time and costly repairs, it is always best to perform routine maintenance on all of your appliances, including your HVAC system, before a crisis arises. And once summer is in full swing, scheduling a repair service can take longer, potentially leaving you without an air conditioning unit for a few days—or even a few weeks.

When looking for a technician to perform routine maintenance on your unit, ensure that the technician offers the following services:

  1. Inspect and clean/replace air filters.
  2. Lubricate motor bearings and all other moving parts.
  3. Inspect all fluid levels.
  4. Inspect individual parts for cracks or other types of damage.
  5. Inspect drain lines and pan.
  6. Adjust belts as necessary.
  7. Inspect air pressure.
  8. Clean and adjust safety controls.
  9. Monitor operation to ensure everything functions properly.
  10. Provide a written report.

Make make sure to be first in line to have your air conditioning unit inspected this spring so you can enjoy a comfortable summer in your home. If you need a routine maintenance visit from a reliable and qualified company, call All Year Cooling today at 888-496-4396 to schedule a visit.


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