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The Importance Of Reliable Air Conditioning Installation In South Florida

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 8, 2014

Air conditioners work the same way as refrigerators. The only difference is the size of the space that is being cooled. They work through an ingenious chemical process that transfers the heat in the air from inside the home to the outside.

High-Quality Rheem AC Units Work Well In South Florida

The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is the AC suddenly going out on a really hot day. It helps to use top-notch air conditioning installation. All Year Cooling will make sure your AC unit is installed correctly, and we can provide regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

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The Parts Of An AC Unit

An air conditioner has three primary parts. First, there is the condenser, which is typically located outside the building. The working fluid in the air conditioner enters the compressor as a cool gas, but inside the condenser it is compressed.

When this compression happens, it causes the temperature in the gas to rise as the molecules are forced closer together. By the time this compressed gas leaves the compressor, it has become very hot and high pressure.

The second part of the air conditioner is the condenser, which is also located outside the building. As the gas leaves the compressor, it enters the condenser where some of the heat is dissipated. By the time it leaves the condenser, it is much cooler and has been turned into a fluid.

This liquid enters the third part of the AC, the evaporator. Here it evaporates as the pressure drops, and when that happens, it extracts the heat out of the surrounding air. Then it passes back into the compressor, and the process starts all over again.

A fan blows air over the evaporator and then circulates the cold air into the house. It’s a complicated process that requires numerous parts to be in good condition and many moving parts that need to be maintained.

Trust All Year Cooling for reliable air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair. We can install high-quality Rheem AC Units that will keep you cool all year long. For more information call us at [php snippet=1] today!


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