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How to Handle (and Avoid) Emergency HVAC Repairs

Posted on AC Repair May 1, 2019

Anyone from the area can agree on this: the world seems to stand still when your air conditioning stops working! The warm weather in Cooper City FL makes your AC a necessity for your comfort, which is why it’s important to know how to handle emergency AC repairs. The easier it is to address repairs, the easier it is to avoid them down the line.

A lot of the time, the problem with your AC system isn’t even with the unit – especially if your unit is on the newer side. If your system isn’t operating, it’s possible that the issue lies in the power plugs. Take a look at the outlets that your unit connects to and make sure that none of the cables have become dislodged. After that, ensure that everything is connected correctly and in its proper place.

The next place to look is your thermostat. Another common culprit of HVAC emergencies, faulty thermostats are the source of a lot of AC stress! Take a look at your thermostat and verify that it’s operating correctly and in full battery mode. Lower-battery thermostats are not as effective at detecting the air temperature, leaving your system stalling and your family sweating.

Air filters are another great place to check when your system seems broken. If your system’s air filters haven’t been changed in a while, they hold onto a large amount of dust and bacteria. This makes it more difficult for air to pass through, putting more stress on your air conditioner to bring fresh air into your home. At a certain point, your system starts to overheat from this burden, causing it to shut off before your home’s temperature actually makes it to the desired level.

As a recap, the following are the best ways to diagnose and fix common AC issues:

  • Make sure all cables are plugged in, and plugged in where they should be
  • Check that the thermostat is on full-power mode and replace batteries when necessary
  • Replace your air filters every 90 days (you may want to more frequently if you have pets or allergies!)

If your air conditioning still doesn’t work after these tactics, All Year Cooling is always waiting by the phone to help you. Our operators are within reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week – just give us a call!


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