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Heat Pump Installation Advice for Homeowners

Posted on The Cooler Blog April 26, 2013

Heat pumps use electricity as the main energy source and are about 30–40% more efficient than baseboard systems and furnaces. Installations are above ground; however geothermal heat pumps are underground. These tips can help your system in years of uninterrupted service.

Home Energy Audits
Before installing a heat pump, have a whole-house energy audit performed. A technician evaluates your home’s windows, doors and door frames, walls, and roof. They also inspect the HVAC system’s ductwork for leaks, damage, and gaps. For an accurate assessment of energy loss, advanced equipment shows the escape route of heated / cooled air. Infrared cameras records heat loss as images and blower door equipment measure the air exchange rate and energy loss. After the audit, the technician will give you a detailed report outlining suggestions for improving energy efficiency.

Install Insulation
Proper insulation greatly reduces home energy loss. Insulating your attic significantly lowers annual energy costs because attics cover the largest area of your home. Adding insulation to the wall studs and floor joists of an attic balances moisture levels and temperatures throughout the year.

Programmable Thermostats
Whether a contractor installs a water source or geothermal heat pump, installing a programmable thermostat at the time of the heat pump installation will help you save in energy costs.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements
Installing an energy-efficient heat pump is only half the part. Scheduled maintenance reduces repair costs, system breakdowns, and excessive wear on moving parts. A certified technician should perform two maintenance checkups and one tune-up per year. Most HVAC manufacturers void their equipment warranties on systems without proper maintenance.

Replace Air Filters
Clogged and dirty air filters cause system malfunctions and breakdowns. Change the filter once a month for better system efficiency and cleaner air. You save on replacement costs when you purchase an electrostatic air filter because you wash and replace it instead of throwing it away.


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