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Posted on The Cooler Blog May 21, 2015

This heater has service valves with sweat connections and easy access to gauge ports with high and low-pressure switches. For maintenance access, it is located on the top and side of the heating unit, while service and control ports are accessible while the unit is operating. The factory-installed, bi-flow, liquid line filter-drier shields the refrigerant system from moisture, dirt, and germs, giving longer service life compared to units without the liquid line filter-drier. This unit also has additional features including noise-reduction features, supported IAQ equipment, thermostat compatibility, replacement parts compatibility, and more. The best kind of heat pump is the one that you don’t have to think or worry about. It comes the moment you need it, and then runs smoothly and efficiently all year long as needed. The Goodman GSZ16 is packed with features designed to provide outstanding performance for years and years to come. This integrity based company uses advanced techniques and materials so your family can keep calm knowing that your air is clean, cozy, and is an energy-efficient unit that’s designed to stay for years to come.


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