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Get Your Home’s Ducts Cleaned Now

Posted on The Cooler Blog June 10, 2013

From indoor air pollutants to deteriorating petrochemical products that produce off-gas toxins into the air, excessive exposure from these pollutants can result in serious respiratory illnesses. Many products and services are offered to ensure clean, quality air for your residence.

Cleaning the air ducts on a regular basis is a simple way to protect your family from these toxic pollutants. In fact, one of the main sources of indoor air pollution is dirty air ducts; but don’t fret, as you can clean those ducts in any season.

1. Mold Suspicions.
During the course of several months and years, dust and other particles gradually accumulate. These particles absorb the moisture in the air, thus creating the perfect conditions for mold growth. The A/C system can make it difficult for you to check for mold. A standard duct cleaning procedure will resolve your suspicions. An expert can test for mold in your ducts and provide preventative cleaning, resulting in mold-free air in you home.

2. Evidence of Insects and Rodents.
If you heard scampering through your ducts and/or seen trails on insects from the vents, then chances are that rodent/insect infestation. Dust and debris are perfect nests for rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches to settle in. Cleaning those ducts will drastically decrease the number of vermin currently nesting there.

3. Ducts Never Been Cleaned.
It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment to have your ducts inspected today. Over the years, dust, dead skin cells, dead insects, and harmful particles have contributed layers of debris to your ducts. When ducts become too clogged, those particles are blown out of the air vents into the air that you breathe!

4. Greater Efficiency.
Cleaning your heating and cooling system can lead to better performance, but having your ducts cleaned by an All Year Cooling technician will definitely improve the unit’s efficiency. If your system is regularly cleaned and maintained properly, it also results in longer operating life, lower maintenance costs, and energy efficiency.

5. Identifying Pre-Issues.
The best reasons to have your air ducts cleaned is knowing that the indoor air is clean and functioning as efficiently as possible. All Year Cooling technicians are capable of spotting any issues with your heating and cooling system and fixing them, before they become major inconveniences.


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