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FAQs On Your Air Conditioner

Posted on The Cooler Blog May 3, 2013

How heating and air conditioning systems achieve lowest operating, repair costs, & maximum comfort. What happens when something goes wrong? What problems do the average air conditioning and heating system have? What repairs save the most money?

When air flow across the evaporator coil is too high?
What happens when the air flow across the evaporator coil is too high for the air conditioning system? Your house will not be comfortable. The system cannot remove excess humidity and your home becomes cool but muggy. The air conditioning runs more often for shorter cycles, consumes more electricity, increases repair costs and wears out faster. Electricity bills can easily increase $200.00 to $600.00 per season.

When air flow across the evaporator coil is too low?
When the air flow is too low as required by the air conditioning system, your house will not cool well. The unit ices up, which leads to early compressor failure. Valves wear out quickly. The whole system runs harder. It consumes more electricity, increases repairs and wears out faster.

What happens when the line set is too small?
If the line set is too small your air conditioning energy efficiency is reduced approximately 2 seer rating points. This translates to about $256.00 in extra electricity per season (based on 12 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity and living in an area where air conditioning is required often. The compressor works harder and needs repair or replacement earlier.

What happens when the line set is too big?
Nothing, in fact it’s okay! The compressor will be spared some work. The higher the AC efficiency rating the larger the diameter of the line set is required.

Common HVAC system problems
Leaky ducts cost big money all year long. Leaky ducts cost about 18% extra electric costs for air conditioning. Plus a bigger system is needed! You spend more capital money on both air conditioning and heating equipment. Your heating bills are higher too! Because the system runs longer repair cost goes up too. Have your ducts sealed or replaced once and enjoy the energy and capital savings for good. Freon overcharge and undercharge cost energy and reduces system lifespan. Low air flow kills systems and costs you much more energy.

The bottom line!
Kept clean, properly sized, properly installed air conditioning and heating systems cut energy costs, cut repair costs, cut capital and replacement costs. Fact: your total costs including capital costs can be cut by many thousands of dollars over a ten year period! $12,000 to $24,000 is not out of the question. It should also be clear that efficient and effective heating and air conditioning is only attained through an experienced, quality orientated air conditioning contractor.


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