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Earth Day 2015

Posted on Holidays, The Cooler Blog April 22, 2015

Today is Earth Day! Being celebrated for 45 years, Earth Day has brought billions of people together all for the sake of our planet. Earth Day has encouraged many acts such as the Modern Environmental Movement & other important acts such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Earth Day was created to bring attention to the fact that we need to be responsible for our actions and what negative consequences may occur if we do not act responsibly towards our planet. It is our mission at All Year Cooling to be as environmentally conscious as we can be, and we are constantly encouraging others to do so as well! Our “Go Green” contest for the month of April is completely focused around Earth Day and essentially teaching our customers to live a “greener” lifestyle.

Don’t let today be the only day you think about bettering our earth, but instead let today be a reminder to think about earth & what you could do to better it for generations to come!

All Year Cooling Going Green Contest

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