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Duct Repair And Cleaning Can Save You A Fortune In Wasted Heating And Cooling Expenses

Posted on The Cooler Blog January 10, 2014

Think of the ducts in your heating and cooling system as the arteries of your climate-controlled environment. When your ducts are in good condition, meaning they are clean and without damage, your heating and cooling system will work at maximum efficiency. However, if your ducts are excessively dirty or have any leaks or tears, your system will be working overtime for less satisfactory results.

Ducts are prone to tears, which can go unnoticed for decades if not inspected. This means that in cold months, the hot air that should be going into your home or office will escape. In hotter months, cold air will do the same. This leads to year-round wasting of utility expenses if you don’t invest in duct repair or inspection.

Dirty ducts can’t transfer as much conditioned air as clean ducts. This will force your furnace to work overtime to supply conditioned air to your building. If you want to clean, repair or inspect your ducts, Contact All Year Cooling of South Florida at 1-[php snippet=1] today!

What Causes Damaged Ducts?

Duct damage results from a number of causes. Improper duct cleaning can lead to small tears that expand over time. Improper installation also can lead to disconnects and holes in your duct system. As with all parts of the home, time can take its toll on your ducts. Also, older systems can naturally develop loose areas or wear and tear.

Duct Cleaning Can Help You Save More Than Money

Dirty ducts will do more than make your heating and cooling bills higher than they should be; they can also lead to problems with air quality. Dust and dirt will circulate through throughout rooms, which can cause allergic reactions. This is especially dangerous for home inhabitants with respiratory conditions.

Contact All Year Cooling at 1-[php snippet=1] to have a certified professional carefully and thoroughly clean your ducts. Our technicians will also do a full inspection for necessary repairs.

By maintaining the ducts on your heating and cooling system through regular duct cleaning and duct repair, you will save money and breathe healthier air. This is a crucial step in building ownership or management that should not be overlooked.


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