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Don’t Think You Can Afford New AC Installation? Think Again!

Posted on AC Repair January 24, 2014

As February dwindles into March, and winter loosens its icy grip, it’s only natural to start thinking about your cooling needs for the summer. Maybe your current AC unit is old and dilapidated, or maybe it’s perfectly powerful, but not nearly as energy efficient as you had hoped when you first purchased it. Well, there’s no reason to fret over the impending heat and humidity because All Year Cooling has South Florida covered.

The thought of installing a new air conditioning system can seem daunting; since you get what you pay for, it’s likely that anything worth getting is going to be fairly expensive, right? Wrong.

Not only do we guarantee the lowest prices around, but we’re also willing to work with your and your budget, as well as provide financing options, to ensure that you get the system you need before the heat rolls in this summer. Installing or updating an AC cooling system is a big commitment, and it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the best deal and service possible.

Even If The Bank Won’t Help You Out, All Year Cooling Will

Unlike other heating and cooling companies who require a bank’s authorization before providing their services to a customer of less-than-ideal financial status, we offer our customers various finance plans, ranging from six to 60 months, interest free. There’s no minimum credit score to qualify because we understand just how crucial your family’s comfort is during the long summer months.

Haven’t been able to find a deal you can feel good about on heating and cooling services? Call us today at 1-[php snippet=1] and you won’t be disappointed!


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